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Premium Black Rose and Oud - 50hrs Burn Time

Premium Black Rose and Oud - 50hrs Burn Time

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Introducing our exquisite Black Rose and Oud Soy & Coconut Wax Candle, a harmonious blend of nature's finest ingredients, artfully crafted to infuse your space with elegance and serenity. This luxurious candle is designed to elevate your ambiance, enchanting your senses with a captivating scent, and adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

Scent Profile: Unleash the mysterious allure of our Black Rose and Oud fragrance, an intoxicating symphony that combines the sultry notes of black rose with the deep, rich essence of oud. This intriguing scent is both floral and woody, creating an alluring and sophisticated atmosphere that captivates your senses.

Unique Features:

Wooden Wick: Our candle boasts a wooden wick, which not only offers a mesmerizing, soft crackling sound reminiscent of a cozy fireplace but also ensures a clean and even burn, allowing you to savor every moment.
Soy & Coconut Wax: Crafted from a premium blend of soy and coconut wax, our candle provides a longer, cleaner burn, emitting less soot and ensuring a delightful, toxin-free experience.
Elegant Design: Encased in a matte black finish with an electroplated gold interior, our candle exudes opulence. This combination of classic and modern design elements is not only visually appealing but also complements a wide range of decor styles.
Gold Decal and Luxury Packaging: To enhance its regal appeal, our candle features a gold decal that glistens in the candlelight, elevating its aesthetic. It arrives in a meticulously crafted luxury matte black box with gold foiling accents, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.
Burn Time: Enjoy up to 50 hours of indulgent burn time, allowing you to bask in the Black Rose and Oud fragrance for extended periods, creating an oasis of tranquility in your home.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your own space or searching for the perfect gift to delight a loved one, our Black Rose and Oud Soy & Coconut Wax Candle is the epitome of sophistication and relaxation. Elevate your surroundings with this captivating scent and exquisite design, and let the flickering glow of this candle transport you to a world of indulgence and opulence.

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